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Woordenlijst van de Nederlandse Taal

Since 1804, our spelling has been fixed by the government. This includes basic principles and specific rules, such as those for spelling vowels and consonants, the use of capitals and characters (accents, hyphens, punctuation marks and apostrophes), the spelling of compounds with a middle sound (pancake, briefcase) and the division of words into syllables. In addition, the government publishes a list of words that are spelled according to the rules and others that are difficult to derive from rules, for example words that we adopt from other languages.

At the end of 2015, the Woordenlijst van de Nederlandse Taal contained over 180,000 keywords. In the online version provided with the Woordenlijst (woordenlijst.org) these words can all be found, amply provided with data on hyphenation, inflection and conjugation.

Subtlex NL

SUBTLEX-NL is a database of Dutch word frequencies based on 44 million words from film and television subtitles.

  • Project page
  • Reference: Keuleers, E., Brysbaert, M. & New, B. (2010). SUBTLEX-NL: A new frequency measure for Dutch words based on film subtitles. Behavior Research Methods, 42(3), 643-650.

INT Historische Woordenlijst

The INT Historical Wordlist consists of 2 lists with each ca. 500.000 historical word forms for the purpose of OCR and OCR post-correction for the period ca. 1550 - ca. 1970.