Manually annotated corpora

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Manual corpora are collections of texts containing manually validated or manually assigned linguistic information, such as morphosyntactic tags, lemmas, syntactic parses, named entities etc. These corpora can be used to train new language annotation tools as well as to test the accuracy of existing annotation tools.

Eindhoven Corpus

The Eindhoven corpus (VU version) is a collection of Dutch written and transcribed spoken texts from the period from 1960 to 1976. The corpus contains approximately 768,000 tokens. It is the first collection of Dutch written and (transcribed) spoken texts.

Lassy Small

The Lassy Small Corpus is a corpus of approximately 1 million words with manually verified syntactical annotations. The lemmas and POS-tags were generated with Tadpole (now Frog) and the syntactical depency structures were generated with Alpino. The lemmas, POS-tags and syntactic tree structures were manually verified and corrected.