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#REDIRECT [[CLARIN_resource_families]]
#REDIRECT [[CLARIN_resource_families]]
We have many corpora available for Dutch. Some of the corpora are available for online search, others can be downloaded. For downloads, we refer to [https://taalmaterialen.ivdnt.org Taalmaterialen] (in Dutch), the language materials website of the [https://www.ivdnt.org Instituut voor de Nederlandse Taal].
We dispose of the following types of corpora:
* [[Newspaper corpora]]
* Parliamentary corpora
* Computer-mediated communication corpora
* Corpora of academic texts
* [[Historical corpora]]
* L2 learner corpora
* Literary corpora
* Manually annotated corpora
* Multimodal corpora
* Parallel corpora
* Reference corpora
* Spoken corpora

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