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*[http://www.namescape.nl/ Project website]
*[http://www.namescape.nl/ Project website]
== OpenConvert ==
The OpenConvert tools convert to TEI from a number of input formats (ALTO, text, Word, HTML).
The tools are available as a Java command line tool, a web service and a web application.
*[http://openconvert.clarin.inl.nl/ Online version]

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Namescape[edit | edit source]

Recent research has conclusively proven that names in literary works can only be put fully into perspective when studied in a wider context (landscape) of names either in the same text or in related material (the onymic landscape or “namescape”).

Research on large corpora is needed to gain a better understanding of, for example, what is characteristic for a certain period, genre, author or cultural region. The data necessary for research on this scale simply does not exist yet. The project aims to fill the need by annotating a substantial amount of literary works with a rich tag set, thereby enabling the participating parties to perform their research in more depth than previously possible. Several exploratory visualization tools will help the scholar to answer old questions and uncover many more new ones, which can be addressed using the demonstrator.